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LE/FT Research presented at the "Designing With Uncertainty" workshop, York, UK

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Submitted by winstead on Mon, 03/24/2014 - 09:29

Prof. Winstead attended a workshop at the University of York, titled Designing with Uncertainty: Opportunities and Challenges. We presented some recent results from our research on noise-assisted algorithms. Specifically, we presented some results from an error-correction algorithm proposed by PhD student Gopal Sundar: a simple and well-known "bit-flipping" technique is significantly improved by adding random noise into its calculations. We further developed and improved this concept in collaboration with Prof. Emmanuel Boutillon and the Lab-STICC group in Brittany, France. The full details of Gopal's algorithm are available in our arXiv paper:

For the workshop, we considered using random hardware upsets (caused by momentary faults) as the noise source. Our decoding algorithm is not only tolerant of such upsets, but benefits from them (if they occur in the right places). Our workshop abstract and poster are available as attachments to this post.



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